Harp Teachers in the Washington, D.C. Area

The following are WAFHS members who teach the folk harp. The WAFHS does not have set qualifications, guidelines, or assessments for harp teachers. A listing here does not imply an endorsement by the WAFHS.

If you are a WAFHS member and would like to be listed here, please send email to the webmaster (web@wafhs.org) containing the appropriate information.


NameLocationPhoneEmail/WebsiteTeaching Info
Barbra Bailey Bradley Rockville 301-424-3459;
barbrabaileybradley@gmail.com Lever harp instruction.
Mary Fitzgerald Bowie 301-352-3690 celticharp1@mac.com

Celtic style & ornamentation; also ear-training, playing by ear, theory, chords, seissiun playing, improvisation, accompaniment, ergonomic technic training for playing comfortably.
Rosemary Harding Bethesda 301-229-7827 caspianh@earthlink.net Folk and Celtic harp instruction. Beginners.
Kristin Meyer Columbia 410-381-2639 kristinsmusic@verizon.net

Teaches beginning lever harp to elementary school age students through adults.
Jo Morrison New Windsor 410-875-0855 harp@triharpskel.com

Nylon & gut folk harp, especially Celtic; all levels; specialize in teaching Scottish music and ergonomic technique
Jen Narkevicius Southern Maryland 301-904-3631 jentheharper@gmail.com

Beginner Lever harp for adults or children over 10
Barbara Seidman Bethesda 301-656-4473   Lever and pedal harp instruction. All levels. Teaching influenced by study of Alexander Technique.


NameLocationPhoneEmail/WebsiteTeaching Info
Holly Avesian Vienna 703-938-5421 HAvesian@aol.com Adults and children; customized instruction based on musical background and individual goals. Suzuki, music reading, ear playing, basic theory, and good technical skill training.
Dawn Bartlett Flint Hill 540-675-3565 DawnHeartstrings@aol.com Lever, pedal instruction.
David Crookston Woodbridge 703-494-3350 davidtheharp@netscape.net   Beginning lever harp; nylon or gut; adults and children
Melissa Tardiff Dvorak Falls Church 703-748-4990 melissa@capitolharpists.com

Both pedal and lever/folk harp. All ages welcome.
Ellen James Leesburg   Suidae@aol.com    
Michael (Misha) O'Hanlan Falls Church 703-205-0092 harpskater@earthlink.net   Pedal and lever harp instruction for adults. Individualized training by ear or by the written note. Technique, theory, harmony are all included.
Abbie Palmer Alexandria 202-670-3011 abbiepalmermusic@gmail.com

All levels. Focus on Celtic, Classical, and Contemporary. Also works with therapeutic harp techniques.
Mary Triola Fredericksburg 540-538-1494 marytriola@yahoo.com   Lever/folk harp, double and triple strung harps. Technique, theory, improvisation, arranging, composition, and harp regulation woven into lessons according to needs and desires of student. Experience with the moderately disabled.

Washington, DC

NameLocationPhoneEmail/WebsiteTeaching Info
Cynthia Cathcart Silver Spring 301-587-6267 Cynthia@clarsach.net

Wire-strung harp. Also, fingernail technique appropriate for bray harp. Beginner to advanced; adult and youth.


NameLocationPhoneEmail/WebsiteTeaching Info
Sharon Knowles Gettysburg 717-677-4420 fynesound@comcast.net

Scottish and Irish traditional music; beginning and intermediate harpers; gut and nylon strung; adults and children. Teaching style combines learning by ear with music theory.
Wendy McCormick North-Central PA 570-419-9303 mccormick272@gmail.com
Beginning lever harp instruction; adults and children.
Kris Snyder Glenville 717-235-4064 harperkris@hotmail.com

CMP. Beginners are warmly welcomed. Folk harp from beginning to advanced. Northern MD/Southern PA.