WAFHS Harpers Getaway Weekend 2023
Workshop Descriptions

Abbie Palmer

How to Adapt Music from Any Genre for the Harp
Learn specific techniques and musical characteristics from a variety of genres! In this workshop we'll be using one tune as an example and adapting it to fit into a plethora of various styles! We'll also be learning how to make music from any genre accessible for ourselves to play specifically on lever harp.

How to Use the Harp for Meditation/Background Music
Learn psychologically based techniques in how to play improvised music for background music in relaxation-based outlets such as meditation and yoga classes. We'll be talking abouts suggested improvisational patterns, the ideal tempo for relaxation, and how to mirror music to real-life occurrences (i.e. breathing, movements, visualizations).

How to "Jam" in Other Genres/with Other Instruments
Have you ever wanted to sit in on a jazz, blues, R&B, country, or rock/pop jam on harp, but didn't know where to start? This will give you all the tools you'll need to jump in! We'll be talking about how to lock into rhythm, how to work with other instruments that are in the group and who to pay the most attention to, the power of "groove", and the art of taking a solo.

Master Class
This class is for anyone and any kind of music! Abbie is an expert at a broad range of musical styles and genres. Please take advantage of this by bringing music you have always longed to play. For example, if it was me, I might think about Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! Remember Abbie is also classically trained so pedal harp repertoire is definitely a good choice.

Whatever you choose, it should be a piece you have worked on to some extent. You don't have to bring sheet music if it's something you have just picked up or remembered. (Learned by ear.) The class should be great fun!

Sue Richards

My Original Music
For this workshop, Sue will teach a few of the tunes she has written. There have been a few over the years! Some were written to fill a specific need, some were to commemorate friends who passed, some were gifts to friends, some were for students who needed inspiration in their practicing, and on and on. You know how powerful a gift tune can be, if you have ever played O'Carolan.
Sue will teach with music, discussing the important points and expression. Books will be available to buy, but the tunes in the workshop are free.

Jo Morrison

Creativity Workshop
Put your brains on a different creative track by coming to a non-music creativity workshop. Jo will share a very short description of what visual art does for your brain and how it can impact your thinking. There will be several possible inspirations to help you create your own visual art. We will all try a quick, small exercise and then you can choose to create bigger with whatever you want. Basic supplies such as paper, pencils, colored pencils, and watercolors will be available to share. Feel free to bring your own supplies to use if you'd like, but it should be visual -- art on paper, or sculpture, or something similar. No artistic talent required. This is designed to be fun and relaxing. No pressure. Hoping you will share your work, but it is not required.
This is for YOU. Come join us and have some fun with art.

Barbra Bailey Bradley

Playing in Ensembles - Learning by Doing
This class will discuss the writing of ensemble music - both from existing tunes and tunes composed specially for the occasion. We will learn how it's done by playing some of Barbra's trios. We will use two published harp trios form Harpists Three and one from Vignettes.
Copies of the parts will be provided. If you happen to own either Harpists Three or Vignettes (or both) please consider bringing them with you. If you want to purchase either book afterward, Barbra will have copies available. Her trios always include parts of varying difficulty, so all levels of expertise are welcome.
The ability to read printed music is the only must have.
Once we have played and discussed the making of the trios from the books, we will then have fun learning Barbra's new arrangement of Drowsy Maggie. She has wanted to do it for years, and finally completed it this past July. She is hoping to make it fun for all who choose to attend.

Harpers Getaway