WAFHS Harpers Getaway Weekend 2022
Workshop Descriptions

Haley Hewitt

Quebecois Tunes (Saturday 9:45-11:45)
Tunes from French Canada - infused with Celtic form and essence, but also with a certain je ne sais quoi. We'll learn two popular Quebecois session tunes by ear. Sheet music will be distributed, and next steps for arranging will be discussed.

Choosing Fingerings from Scratch (Saturday 4-5:30)
You just found a great new tune that you just cannot wait to learn. But oh no! Your harp teacher is on vacation! The sheet music doesn't have any clues written in! And you've spent hours squinting at YouTube videos to no avail! What fingerings should you use? Fear not! This workshop will equip you to choose your own excellent fingerings with confidence and independence! This workshop is also for the more experienced among us!

Scottish Tunes Sunday 9:30-11:30)
The "three musics" every master harper traditionally must learn: crying music, sleeping music, and dancing music. We'll learn a heartbreaking lament, a lullaby, and a cracker of a dance tune by ear, with sheet music distributed later.

Private lessons are available from Haley for $75 per hour.

Donna Bennet

Creative Tools to Improve Practice and Performance (Saturday 2:30-3:45)
Step away from your harp for a minute. Yes, it can be done. In this workshop we will bust some of the myths around creativity that can keep us stagnant or not creating at all. We will explore creativity exercises that anyone can do to help you feel and be more creative. The more creative you are as a musician the better your playing will be. Being creative is also an excellent means of self-care and managing stress over-all. What could that mean for your harp playing? You will come away from this workshop with the resources to enhance your creativity all on your own. Honest, no artistic ability is required.
(This workshop is open to non-harping companions as well because creativity is good for everyone!)

David Crookston

Come Build with Me! (Sunday 9:30-11:30)
Together we will explore some methods to deconstruct, rebuild and customize musical arrangements to meet your musical needs. We will finish our session with some group ensemble playing. Bring your Finale books!

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