WAFHS Harpers Getaway Weekend 2019
Workshop Descriptions

Janet Witman

Harp Ensemble Class (Saturday 9:45)
Three wonderful pieces skillfully arranged by Janet Witman. Please email her at brandywineharps@gmail.com to get your free PDF download. For attendees only, please. The music should be practiced and prepared before the workshop. Let's play together! Intermediate level.

Thomas Moore- The Bard of Ireland (Saturday 4-5:30)
Sit back or bring your harp to hear Janet's presentation on the fascinating life of Ireland's National Poet. It's entertaining, informative and followed up by a pop quiz with prizes! Janet's arrangements of "Silent, O Moyle" will send chills down your back and "The Meetings of the Waters" will be a standard in your rep. Music will be handed out during the workshop- and those that want to play along with Janet are welcome.

Live with YOU in the spotlight! (8pm Saturday Night)
It's time for YOU to shine! Present a five minute or less sharing of what you do best! Perform a piece, present a poem, do a skit, stand-up comedy, harp duo, harp trio- let's have a light and lively good time! Janet will emcee!

Scottish Festival Favorites! Sunday 9:30-11:30)
How many times have you've attended Scottish Games and heard some great bagpipe and singing tunes and wanted to play them on the harp? Janet's arrangements of some of her favorites will liven up your rep! The Rowan Tree, Will Ye No Come Back Again, Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland and Sky Boat Song. She will provide the music during the workshop. Learn about the Jacobite connection, Lady Nairne and other backstories! If there is time, others pieces could include: Wild Mountain Thyme, Loch Lomond and Auld Lang Syne which can be found in her collection, "Wild Mountain Thyme" which is available for purchase: www.brandywineharps.com

Rachel Clemente

Express Yourself, Insights into Playing a Traditional Scottish Air (Saturday 9:45)
Come learn techniques to enhance the beauty of a traditional Scottish air! We'll dive into the nuts and bolts of how to listen to the melody, experiment with dynamic range, and create harmonic and melodic balance between your hands. This class will be taught by ear and sheet music will be given out at the end.

Confidence Building Bootcamp (Saturday 4-5.30)
Find ways to channel the joy that you feel from playing your harp into confidence on the stage. In this workshop, we will take a personal approach to creating a positive experience when it comes to sharing your music with an audience, no matter the size.

Master Class (Saturday 7.30 pm)

The Individual Benefits of Group Playing (Sunday 0930-11.30)
There are many skills that can be gained by playing in a group setting that can help in solo playing. We will be reading through a beginner friendly ensemble piece and looking at how each of the parts can be used to build a unique solo arrangement.

Harpers Getaway