WAFHS Harpers Getaway Weekend 2018
Workshop Descriptions

Rachel Clemente

Contemporary Scottish Jigs and Reels
Jigs and reels are any Celtic harper's bread and butter. Come and expand your Scottish repertoire with some great new tunes from across the Atlantic. The music will be taught by ear, but sheet music will be provided at the end of the workshop.

Making Fingerings Fun
Don't Get Tripped Up! This workshop will be about navigating through those tricky passages in a piece that stumps us all! We will focus on fingering and how we can create smoother, faster melodies and gain more control in our playing by simply concentrating on those eight little digits.

Relax Into Playing: Tips and Tricks to Decrease Practice Anxiety
After taking part in this workshop, we will have covered some of the ways to handle life's stressors that can distract from practice and the harp itself. We will learn some exercises and techniques to help focus and relax our minds and bodies to keep present in the moment.

Anne Sullivan

Help! I Don't Have Anything to Play!
Whether you want to develop a repertoire for gigging or just for giggles, you need to have music you can play. Learn how to grow your repertoire from one piece to program-length, how to keep it fresh and in your fingers and, most importantly, how to enjoy playing it in any setting. Bring a piece or two of your own or use the handouts provided.

Get Your Hands Working Together
Playing hands together is more than twice as complicated as playing one hand alone, and most players don't know how to successfully and smoothly make the transition. Don't let hands together playing hold you back; learn the best techniques to help your hands coordinate and make music together fluently and beautifully.

Shortcuts to Better Sight-Reading
You don't have to be a sight-reading genius, but you do want to be able to "read it when you need it." You'll learn how to practice reading skills, the step-by-step system for practicing sight-reading so you can learn music faster and play more accurately. You don't have to be born a good sight-reader; you just need to know how to become a better one!

Masterclass, Saturday evening

Harpers Getaway