WAFHS Harpers Getaway Weekend 2017
Workshop Descriptions

Aine Minogue

So You Want to Sing and Play Harp?
We'll cover all your favorite aspects of singing with the instrument from arrangements to song choice. Singing with the harp, or accompanying yourself singing is very different from playing solo pieces or from accompanying other musicians or singers.

Naturally it calls for a different approach. This workshop will serve to look at the unique aspects of self accompaniment and keeping it simple.

Meditation Music from the Celtic Repertoire
We'll focus on old beautiful airs from the tradition that are very suitable for meditative music. Interestingly many of them were written on or widely played by the harpers of old.

We'll also touch on combining your personal meditation practice and how to carry that forward into playing for others.

This workshop is also suitable for healing practitioners who play at the bedside.

Irish Airs and Arranging Airs
I don't want to oversell this but if there's any more beautiful music in the world that Irish and Celtic airs, I've yet to hear it. We'll dig into the deepest treasures of the tradition by unearthing Ireland and Scotland's most beautiful airs. For me, there's no greater joy than playing airs that were written for the harp, often by harpers and I can't wait to share that with you!

This is the music a harpist can really make his or her own through self-expression and it's the best way I know to find your true harp "voice."

If you have an air you love or would like to do, please let me know in advance and I'll try to work it in aine@minogue.com.

Anne Sullivan

Finding Your "Harp Voice"
Playing music that feels and sounds uniquely your own, even if someone else wrote it.

You don't have to be a composer to play the harp in your own unique way. Chances are, you already have a distinctive style, or maybe you are ready to develop one. Even if you are a beginner, you can learn how to make your music your own, just by expanding and using your repertoire of expressive tools. Together we will:

Plus, you'll take a fun quiz to determine your musical personality!

The Most Important 15 Minutes of Practice (That You Never Do)
Why growing your musicianship is essential to your harp playing and how to do it as part of your daily practice.

Playing music is more than playing the harp, even for harp players! Growing your musical craftsmanship needs to go hand in hand with developing your harp skills. And it doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming. You will discover:

You DO Have a Sense of Rhythm!
    Becoming a better musician and ensemble member by developing your inner metronome.

No matter how convinced you are that you have no sense of rhythm, I'm positive you're wrong! And no matter how good you think your sense of rhythm is, I can show you how to make it even better. When you can trust your "inner metronome," you are a more confident performer, a more expressive musician, and a more reliable ensemble member. In this workshop you will:

Masterclass: Starting from Where You Are
This not your usual masterclass! You don't have to have your music "recital ready" or even finished. We will work from where you are right now to solve the issues that are standing between you and the finish line for whatever music you are learning.

Perhaps your piece just needs polishing. Or maybe you're stuck in the middle and can't seem to get it up to tempo. Or possibly you're having "technical difficulties." Whatever it is, I'm here to help you go forward from wherever you are today.

Harpers Getaway